Recruting 1+ KDR active players

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Recruting 1+ KDR active players Empty Recruting 1+ KDR active players

Post  eddy76tm on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:29 am

MGQ - LVL 3 Clan
recrutes 1+ KDR active players.

Things that we like:
- available for Clan War when asked
- nice players

Things that we don't like:
- hackers
- bad teammates (exit ClanWar withouth prior agreement to exit)
- bad language behaviour

We Offer:
- Clan with nice Logo
- All Weapons from Clan Window (we are allmost LVL4)
- VENTRILO server for easy combat during Clan Wars
- Advice on weapons
- Tactical Advice
- Pleasent team

If you think that you can have fun with us and can help us get higher clan levels, please apply.

Please contact ingame:

for recrutement.

Otherwise if u have all required things, you can join us ingame.

Good luck.

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Recruting 1+ KDR active players Empty Re: Recruting 1+ KDR active players

Post  isinox on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:21 am

Would also add that newcomers should be able to use our ventrilo server, considering teamspeak is VERY important during a clan war.
Decent english skills are also appreciated.

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